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HEERLIJKE WHISKY'S MET 10.00 KORTING Dalwhinnie 15 Yrs Malt 70 CL 55.49 454⁹ Caol lla 12 Yrs Malt 70 CL 53.49 434⁹ 6 5.00 KORTING HIGHLANDS PARK 12..... YEAR OLD VIKING HONOUR SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY ac40% vol 7001 Highland Park 12 Yrs Viking Honour 70 CL 49.99 44.⁹⁹ Tevens verkrijgbaar: Dragon Legend met 5.00 korting Gentle Pirit SEATURER **SOUCY OF COSLANG CLS DALWHINNIE ESTO PRETTHORTER OFFAR ME CUBILIA HITELN 15 FOTO in N STILLERI 398 TE S Dalwhinnie HIGHLAND SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY THE m YEARS O10 SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY SINGLETON BALANCED 70de 8.00 KORTING DE WHISKYSPECIALIST MET MEER DAN CAOL ILA 12 ISLAT SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY is sole core near Port Akaig Ties Caol Ia, bi Hy'scris siocc 1986. Net ray to find Cool des highly priced among devetive of the LUSCIOUS NECTAR YEARS OLD THOTES OF MONEY AND HUTS WITH HINES OF COFFE DISTILLED, MATURED & NOTTLED IN SCOTLAND DUFFTOWN DISTILLERY AGED Singleton SINGLETON of Dufftown Single Malt Scotch Whisky 12 Yrs Malt Ed Caol Ile Distillery, Port Antaig, Isle of lily by and se hesught socar so collect a whisky applied Lock am Bax, source of iu pure with water. The p mbodied has many islar malis, ar việ all but WA YEARS 70 CL 35.99 279⁹ 500 WHISKY'S

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